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A new look for pinup
  • A new look for pinup

  • “Testing. Testing. Check one two. Check. Check.” Test shoots. Every photographer has a different way of doing them. The general consensus is that they’re shot in studio (if you have one), with basic lighting. It’s so that the photographer can see how the model works through poses, how they respon[...]
  • Stitched Together

  • I’m finding myself thinking back to the Academy of Arts a lot these days. My time there, however brief, taught me lessons that I’m only now taking to heart.   The first and most obvious lesson was that being the most artistic of your senior class in a dusty ag town doesn’t amount to muc[...]
  • Gothic Beauty Teaser

  • Hey all, I'm running around like a decapitated chicken. Over the last two weeks I've done four sexy shoots and I've got another one scheduled for tomorrow. Along with all of that, I just started up a Facebook page where magazines can send followers once we start submitting things ... and, of course,[...]
  • Ice Personified: Illustrative portrait by David Noceti

  • I attended the Academy of Arts in San Francisco from around 2000 to 2002 at which time I dropped out to pursue a BA in English at CSU Stanislaus. Over the years I’ve listed many reasons as to why I made that change: mounting school debt, being closer to home, a passion for writing, and wanting full [...]
  • A Little Black Leotard

  • It begins with a little black leotard. Reputation. It all boils down to that. For months now, I've been trying to set up shoots with models. Pinup, conceptual, boudoir, anything sexy, sensual, artistic and outside of the confines of my usual photography. Time and again I've sent out requests on s[...]