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  • Of wood nymphs

  • Gah! It’s taking me way too long to get these posts up. Between getting my paying work done, back to school, the list of models that still want to shoot, and life in general I’m finding myself overwhelmed. When I finally do make time to work on what inspires me I find myself hobbled by artist proble[...]
What I Learned in Art School
  • What I Learned in Art School

  • Curves. Oh how I love curves. My love affair with the female form in all its various shapes and sizes was solidified back in art school. Four hours a day I’d sit in a figure drawing class drawing the nude figure. Now, I know that not many people have ever stepped foot in a figure drawing c[...]
  • A Word on 'Adrift'

  • ‘Adrift’ started as nothing more than an attempt to place my subject somewhere other than on a mattress in a studio. A week or so earlier I’d seen a photograph of a mother and son floating in a boat and the image stuck with me, so when it came time to relocate my model I set out in search of a b[...]