Impromptu Outdoor Boudoir: Modesto Ca

I remember Sam being a little worried about this shoot. She’d never done anything like this before, but I assured her that most of my clients are trying something like this for the first time. What matters is bringing a gorgeous personality, and curves then let me do the rest.

Then the power went out.

We started with headshots so that I could find the right light. From there we moved to some detail shots and a super sexy profile. It was all going great until the lights blinked out.

boudoir headshot

I like to start every shoot with a simple headshot.

boudoir, curves, full figure, plus size

I checked circuit breakers then looked over to the neighbor’s place. It wasn’t just us. Apparently, the tree trimmers dropped a branch on a powerline and we’d be out of power for a while.

Not wanting to kill the momentum we already had going, I had Sam transition into her next outfit as I came up with a solution. I looked out into the orchard, took note of the height of the weeds, and suggested a short hike. Luckily, I had the foresight to charge up my big battery, something I don’t usually do for studio shoots, because the noon sun, even on a hazy day like that one was, is not flattering.


outdoor cleavage of full figure modelboudoir outdoor nude

It took me a while to fall into a groove outside, but once we got going we got some amazing stuff before it got too cold to shoot anymore. Thankfully, the power was back on by then, so we headed back inside to round out the shoot with some more indoor work.

It’s times like these that I’m especially thankful for the versatility I’ve gained over the years.

boudoir portrait boudoir cleavage robe boudoir cleavage eyes

Many thanks to Sam for coming out and trusting me with her first boudoir shoot. I think I’ve got her hooked on it now and we’ll be seeing her again soon.

Remember, Valentine’s day is coming up and now that I’ve got more boudoir work up, I’ll be posting pricing and holiday specials this Monday. If you’re interested in getting the full sensual shoot info, let me know and I’ll email you directly once it’s all ready to go. 

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