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  • When I was about 9 or 10 my mom took me out to a horse ranch out along McAllen Road before they put up a housing development there. I remember being so excited. My babysitter, DeeDee had horses she'd taken us on rides with, my neighbor had some as well, and my mom used to ride when she was young, so[...]

  • A beautiful vineyard wedding out in Lodi, California. The weather was great, the setting immaculate, the bride beautiful, and the groom… well, I know I am not supposed to say this, but the groom was… uncooperative. He wouldn’t smile. He wouldn’t look at the camera. He kept putting his sunglasses on.[...]
Let them eat candy!
  • Let them eat candy!

  • 96 degrees out, lots of walking, lots of gear, two different lights, three adult siblings, three cousins, two grandchildren, a bag of candy, lots of Gatorade and water, a BUNCH of different groupings, and maybe one or two meltdowns, but we made it! Each time I do one of these I tell myself, “neve[...]
  • Coming Home: A Central Valley Country Wedding

  • Once upon a time there was a little girl who grew up on a farm. Each night she was treated to the most wonderful of shows as the sun journeyed past the Diablo Range in the West and lit up the sky with its namesake’s fiery glow. In the distance, before she could picture her future out past the hor[...]
  • Covergirl California Dairy Princess by David Noceti

  • Got some pretty cool news the other day. Not only did one of our Class of 2015 seniors, current District 6 Dairy Princess, Makayla Toste, get featured in the 2017 August issue of California Dairy Magazine, and got the cover, BUT they also used our photos from her senior portrait session at the famil[...]
  • Prom Photos On My Birthday

  • One of the nice things about working for yourself is that you can pretty much guarantee that you never have to work on your birthday. Sure, there might be extenuating circumstances that force you to, but for the most part it’s not very likely you’ll be scheduling work that day. This is one of those [...]
  • Tender Country Engagement Session

  • One of the great things about being married is that you have a teammate. Someone to grow with, to laugh at your stupid jokes (or in the case of my wife shake their head at), and who, in times of need, you can count on in a pinch. While many couples have this, I'm fortunate in that my wife can go eve[...]
  • Rustic Engagement Session on the Azevedo Ranch

  • You know what I loved about this engagement shoot out at the Azevedo ranch in Gustine, aside from the rustic setting and country feel; the fact that they included Darla’s girls. I know they weren’t too thrilled about it. I mean what kind of younger person gets excited about such things? But as an[...]