A Little Black Leotard

It begins with a little black leotard. Reputation. It all boils down to that.

For months now, I’ve been trying to set up shoots with models. Pinup, conceptual, boudoir, anything sexy, sensual, artistic and outside of the confines of my usual photography. Time and again I’ve sent out requests on sites like Model Mayhem, but the trouble was always a lack of work to show. It’s a catch 22 really. You have to have work to get the models, but you have to have the models to produce the work, and all of my work had been for clients, clients that would not appreciate being posted on the internet in their underwear. And so it went, time and again, request sent, silence in return.

I understand why. There are simply too many of us out there. With each new photographer comes a new stream of empty promises, lies, or flat out manipulation. Models, for their part, have to weed through it all to find the good ones, and honestly, it’s very difficult to do. Thankfully, Victoria saw fit to take a chance on me.

Now that I’ve got the work, I can get to work creating more, and boy do I have some amazing stuff in store for you.