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  • Crescent Curves of Luna

  • Luna, from Latin, meaning moon. In ancient Rome it was the name of the divine embodiment of the moon. I had that in mind when I was working on these photos. This shoot was sort of impromptu. We’d been trying to hook up for some shots for quite a while but could never make it work. So instead of w[...]
  • Impromptu Outdoor Boudoir: Modesto Ca

  • I remember Sam being a little worried about this shoot. She’d never done anything like this before, but I assured her that most of my clients are trying something like this for the first time. What matters is bringing a gorgeous personality, and curves then let me do the rest. Then the power went[...]
  • Modesto Bridal Boudoir To Get His Motor Humming

  • When I tell people that I shoot boudoir in the Central Valley they usually have one of two reactions. Either they give me that sidelong, “tsk, tsk, tsk,” look, or they enter into a state of disbelief. “People actually do that here? I thought you could only find boudoir in the Bay Area?” Oh, an[...]