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  • POW: David's back with some new tricks

  • What better way to announce a return than with a super hero pinup illustration? This is one of those shoots where I do the shoot with an idea of what I want to accomplish at the end, but don’t really know how I’m going to get to that end point. So the shoot just sits and sits and sits. How long [...]
What I Learned in Art School
  • What I Learned in Art School

  • Curves. Oh how I love curves. My love affair with the female form in all its various shapes and sizes was solidified back in art school. Four hours a day I’d sit in a figure drawing class drawing the nude figure. Now, I know that not many people have ever stepped foot in a figure drawing c[...]
Crying over spilled paint: Modesto Pinup Photography
  • Crying over spilled paint: Modesto Pinup Photography

  • As I mentioned on my facebook page earlier in the week, one thing I'm truly thankful for are all of the talented young women (and men, keep tabs on this page for some chiseled abs coming soon) that have been eager to work with me. Crystal has been a blessing, always willing to let me experiment, eve[...]
Pinup at Eagle Field 2015: My first on location pinup shoot
A new look for pinup
  • A new look for pinup

  • “Testing. Testing. Check one two. Check. Check.” Test shoots. Every photographer has a different way of doing them. The general consensus is that they’re shot in studio (if you have one), with basic lighting. It’s so that the photographer can see how the model works through poses, how they respon[...]