Coming Home: A Central Valley Country Wedding

Once upon a time there was a little girl who grew up on a farm. Each night she was treated to the most wonderful of shows as the sun journeyed past the Diablo Range in the West and lit up the sky with its namesake’s fiery glow.

In the distance, before she could picture her future out past the horizon, she would have seen a dusty farmhouse sitting atop a small rise. Her father had tilled that neighbor’s land beneath the green tree as the livestock listened to the windmill creak in the evening breeze. Countless times she looked past that house until one day life swept her up and carried her away.

“You must grow into a woman,” it said, “and become a mother yourself.” And so she did, never asking why but always wondering where she’d end up.

Then one day, she found herself sitting on the front porch of that same dusty farmhouse she’d looked past so many times before. The windmill still creaked as sheep pranced in the fields. Memories of the girl she once was played out beyond the pastures below. So much time had passed by, so many trials, so much love, and here she was once again.

She looked to the hand she held in her own and smiled.

“Here,” she said. “This is where we should be married.”

And so it was that Darla married Brent one fine summer day, beneath the tree that a little girl could once see from where she played, as a windmill creaked, sheep baaed, and children romped.

A good life doesn’t take us to where we want to go; it takes us to where we need to be.


Just a few of the wonderfully rustic details that gave this country wedding its farm town feel.

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First Look and Ceremony

Finding a quiet moment during a wedding is always tough, it’s even harder to do when it’s at your home. By getting a first look in, Brent and Darla were able to eek out a little quiet time for themselves.

Country wedding ceremony photos

Family and Friends

As guests made their way to the ceremony out front, I got to hear Darla’s dad recount how, when he was a boy he’d been sent out to disk the land out in front of Brent’s house. Now, so many years later, he headed out to the same plot with a tractor, this time for his daughter so that he could prepare it for her wedding day. After the ceremony we made time to get a few family photos of Brent’s side of the family that had come from far and wide to be in attendance.

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When your little brother tries to make you cry.

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The beauty of a wedding like this is that you get to do photos before the ceremony and then again at the end of the evening at sunset. I’ll admit, i worked a little magic on the final shot. Those sheep may or may not have been there.

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