Crescent Curves of Luna

Luna, from Latin, meaning moon. In ancient Rome it was the name of the divine embodiment of the moon. I had that in mind when I was working on these photos.

detail fishnet gloveThis shoot was sort of impromptu. We’d been trying to hook up for some shots for quite a while but could never make it work. So instead of waiting for the ideal situation, she caught a ride with Reese one day and tagged along to one of her shoots. The idea was that during Reese’s wardrobe changes I’d sneak in some shots with her. Probably got in a total of 30 minutes of quality shooting time with her before we wrapped.

The struggle here was going back and forth between two totally different models. Facial structures, body types, even the moods of the two shoots were opposite. Everyone has light and angles that best suits them, and Reese and Luna are on opposite ends of the lighting spectrum.

detail, legs, fishnetThis ideal shooting setup is why we often see models of a feather flocking together when you have shoots with more than one person. Some people want to see some kind of prejudice there, but really it’s just because they require totally different approaches.

As I often do, I overextended myself and this little session sat on the shelf until this weekend.

Sexy crossed legs fishnets silver haircurves, butt, fishnet,Hard light silver hair sexy model boudoirI’ll often have an aspersion to working on a shoot that I don’t understand at first. And so it waits until I can figure out what it is that I need to change. It didn’t dawn on me at first but my hang-up with this shoot was Luna’s hair. The color just didn’t fit the mood. So I decided to strip the color out of it and try to change it to something more fitting. The thing is, once I got the color out I fell in love with it.

Luna, Goddess of the moon. Silver light, silver hair.

What do you think of the new hair-do? Is it a hair-do, or a hair-don’t?


I also played around some more with pushing roundness of shape in post. Through this new process I’m able to shift shadows to create further depth around curves. I’m starting to get to the point where I can do it without putting much thought into it.  Artistically, that’s where I want to be. The more tools I can call on without thinking about it, the more organically I’m able to work.