Crying over spilled paint: Modesto Pinup Photography

As I mentioned on my facebook page earlier in the week, one thing I’m truly thankful for are all of the talented young women (and men, keep tabs on this page for some chiseled abs coming soon) that have been eager to work with me. Crystal has been a blessing, always willing to let me experiment, ever so patient, and eager to keep at a shot until we nail it.

This set will mark the beginning of a new phase in From here on out I’ll be pulling the best shots from each shoot and holding on to them for submissions to magazines. I’ll post one or two second round picks to the site and then we’ll wait on the really good stuff until magazines print (yup, you read that correctly, these are the second round picks).

Pinup blowing bubbles

One of the best bubbles we got during the shoot. We'll have to try a different brand of bubblegum next time.

Pinup with spilled paint

The expression was adorable, just needed to add in some motivation for it in post.

Pinup lounging around

It takes a fair bit of pilates action to get a booty pop like that.