Killer Curves and Fashion Photography

plus size model in hot pink dress

Here’s a much more fashion oriented section from my shoot with Brooke. We did headshots on the portrait backdrop, then moved to dramatically lit, glamour shots on the red couch, and wrapped things up with some more high fashion looking shots on the white wall. It was like three shoots in one. It’s something that I seriously need to get away from doing because I simply come away from shoots like this with way more work than I can ever process.

In editing these shots I decided to push a much more high fashion look. Clean, crisp, with just a touch of flare added to the makeup. As many models do for test shoots, Brooke arrived with a very neutral color pallette so that it would work with anything. In post, I was able to change her makeup ever so subtly to produce a much different look. (before/after provided at the end)

plus size model in hot pink dress plus size model in hot pink dress

I’m also starting a new, round robin sort of production for my posts where I will be picking out similar shots from sections within a shoot and processing those together, rather than doing the entire shoot at once. My hope is that it will end up being a psychological trick that gets me to post more work, rather than tripping myself up with the enormity of what I have piled in front of me.

And now for a little before/after look of the subtle changes in makeup. High end retouching is a must on shots like this. Photographers employ many tricks in standard portraiture and boudoir to lie in a photo without retouching; shallow depth of field (“Oh! Her eyes look amazing… everything else is blurry though”), super soft and flattering light (think super bright and airy shots that melts bodies away into white), angles that hide everything but the most eye catching details (think cleavage shots). Not to mention that on big shoots you have stylists primping constantly between shots fixing makeup, flyaways, and adjusting clothing.

In fashion shoots the subject is the clothing. It needs to be crisp, smooth, flawless, and completely in focus. That means that the normal tricks of the trade for focussing on the beauty of the person (basically everything mentioned above) can’t be utilized. I mention this because I find the transition between the before and after on the below shot to be stark, when I look at it. The portrait photographer in me says, “Hey! You can’t do that. It’s not her anymore!” But the retoucher in me knows that such changes are necessary when the focus is the fashion and not the person wearing it.


Stay tuned! Next up…Kor

I’ve been sitting on more photos from this shoot with Korah. We were trying to find a good home for them but we’re both itching to share them so I’ve decided to post them before they get published.

Also on the horizon, I just did a witch shoot with a new model out in Pleasanton that I can’t wait to get too, not to mention a series of all black and white glamour shots from last year. I’ve also got some artistic fetish shots on the horizon and a number of ladies who work with the burlesque group Club Matisse.