Modesto Bridal Boudoir To Get His Motor Humming

When I tell people that I shoot boudoir in the Central Valley they usually have one of two reactions. Either they give me that sidelong, “tsk, tsk, tsk,” look, or they enter into a state of disbelief.

“People actually do that here? I thought you could only find boudoir in the Bay Area?”

Oh, and bridal boudoir? Don’t even get me started.

It’s true, finding a boudoir photographer in these parts is difficult, especially when you consider how important it is to find a good one. Your girlfriend, or the photographer that took pictures of your kids for your holiday cards likely isn’t going to cut it, especially if your goal is to give your betrothed something that will put his head on a swivel.

You need someone that can see the kind of sexy that men see while still connecting with the sensual beauty that only the two of you know about.

For Mrs. A, we did exactly that. We started out with the crisp lines and sex appeal that her hubby might find in the centerfolds of his motocross magazines, then eased into her more sensual side.

motocross boudoir

Just a peek is all you need.

motocross boudoir

Posing in his riding gear can be just as sexy as a white button down. Maybe even sexier.

boudoir wearing his shirt boudoir wearing his shirt

It’s in sessions like these that I really get to show my versatility as a photographer. We go from the glossy pages of a magazine the likes that would catch any man’s eye, to the soft beauty of art that leaves bridesmaids gawking over how absolutely lovely you are.

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Many thanks to Mrs. A for not only trusting me to capture something so incredibly intimate for her and her husband to be, but also for being courageous enough to allow me to share it with others.