Behind the Scenes

A collection of behind the scenes videos giving you a glimpse into the creative journey that is my art.

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This is from some personal work. Rather than looking at the photograph as a something to be enhanced, I approached this one as more of an illustration, where the photo itself was simply one piece of the overall work.

Misty Train at the Double T

This is a classic example of getting carried away with creating. I didn’t intend this to be nearly as important a shot as it wound up being. As often happens, I started fiddling around with adjustments as I was getting the wedding gallery ready. I’d recently glimpsed a scene in a show with a misty train and thought, “I wonder if I can make steam?”

Shot at The Double T Ranch in Stevinson, CA.

The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Bridge! What more iconic backdrop can you have for the union of two creative souls? I was hired by the main photographer to shoot this wedding with her because she knew that the difference in exposure between the Golden Gate and our vantage point would be too great to capture with natural light. In short, you can either expose for the couple, or for the bridge, not both. One or the other would be blown out. That’s where off camera lighting comes into play. But the journey doesn’t stop there.

Being what our world is, there are very few vistas that natural, untouched look that we all picture in our heads. Softbox, guard rails, and other distractors would need to be removed from the final shot before this photograph would be worthy of its place of prominence in the home.

Shot from the trail leading to the Point Bonita Lighthouse in Sausalito, CA where the ceremony was held.

Shoe Swap

Sometimes we get so swept up in the moment that we forget an important detail, like the wedding shoes! With a traditionalist photographer you’d be out of luck, but not with David. We had our bride stop by the house one evening and took a picture of her in her shoes and… well, see for yourself.

This was shot at the Del Rio Country Club in Modesto, California.