Wanted to share some more shots from Ryan’s shoot. It was a long one. Two locations out in Newman, California; one out in the country along some hidden backroad, then another at the family farm closer to town. We got in the letterman jacket, his truck, family photos AND a senior sibling photo for the yearbook. (Note: I won’t be doing anymore family photos at a senior portrait shoot, so don’t ask). All-in-all, it was a great day with these guys. I was definitely exhausted by the end of it, but well worth it in the end.

Be sure to scroll down to see a natural light vs. strobe setup.


Senior Portraits boy Orestimba Newman California

First location was way out some country road to a hidden spot that no one is supposed to know about! I love it when clients find new places!


Natural Light vs. Strobe

Just because I carry my softbox and light with me everywhere doesn’t mean I use it all the time. Yes, I love the look of a strobe shot when compared to natural light, but sometimes the setting or mood doesn’t call for that crisper look of the strobe. Here’s an example of a shot where I set Ryan up to shoot him natural light but didn’t like how I was losing my background. Since he’s in pretty much the same spot for both shots, I thought I’d share it as a comparison.

Which do you like better, natural light or strobe?


senior portrait photography

Barn, truck, purple sunset and a family portrait to boot at our second location.

Yes, that IS the sibling photo. Talk about brotherly love! And that barn shot… OMG, so hard to light! Three strobes to pull that one off!