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  • Crescent Curves of Luna

  • Luna, from Latin, meaning moon. In ancient Rome it was the name of the divine embodiment of the moon. I had that in mind when I was working on these photos. This shoot was sort of impromptu. We’d been trying to hook up for some shots for quite a while but could never make it work. So instead of w[...]
  • Ink Amongst Nature

  • Journal Entry: I had a model the other day say, “I wonder what goes through your head as you take pictures.” I think this shoot sort of sums it up nicely. Basically, my mind during a shoot is a chaotic mess. It’s why my photos end up all over the board in terms of aesthetics or a theme just as t[...]
What I Learned in Art School
  • What I Learned in Art School

  • Curves. Oh how I love curves. My love affair with the female form in all its various shapes and sizes was solidified back in art school. Four hours a day I’d sit in a figure drawing class drawing the nude figure. Now, I know that not many people have ever stepped foot in a figure drawing c[...]