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  • Crescent Curves of Luna

  • Luna, from Latin, meaning moon. In ancient Rome it was the name of the divine embodiment of the moon. I had that in mind when I was working on these photos. This shoot was sort of impromptu. We’d been trying to hook up for some shots for quite a while but could never make it work. So instead of w[...]
  • Carving Light from the Darkness

  • Black and white. There's a haunting beauty about it. Afterall, color is life. What are you left with when you strip it from a photo? I remember the first time we were handed black sheets of paper in art school. We were told to draw the light instead of the shadow. It's not something you ever real[...]
  • Dark Waters and the Surreal

  • Here’s more from my shoot with Korah. It was a completely new location for me and our first time working together, but I don’t think you can tell given the work we were able to create. The original idea was to simply shoot some creepy cool stuff with the rabbit mask. While we were able to create [...]
Art and Shame
  • Art and Shame

  • My first artistic nude! It’s been a long road for me in my development as an artist to get to this point. The biggest hurdle, aside from fear, was shame. Shame seems to be everywhere in our society these days. It’s this strange social construct through which the majority attempts to contro[...]
  • Of wood nymphs

  • Gah! It’s taking me way too long to get these posts up. Between getting my paying work done, back to school, the list of models that still want to shoot, and life in general I’m finding myself overwhelmed. When I finally do make time to work on what inspires me I find myself hobbled by artist proble[...]
  • Gothic Beauty Teaser

  • Hey all, I'm running around like a decapitated chicken. Over the last two weeks I've done four sexy shoots and I've got another one scheduled for tomorrow. Along with all of that, I just started up a Facebook page where magazines can send followers once we start submitting things ... and, of course,[...]