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  • Dark Waters and the Surreal

  • Here’s more from my shoot with Korah. It was a completely new location for me and our first time working together, but I don’t think you can tell given the work we were able to create. The original idea was to simply shoot some creepy cool stuff with the rabbit mask. While we were able to create [...]
  • Impromptu Outdoor Boudoir: Modesto Ca

  • I remember Sam being a little worried about this shoot. She’d never done anything like this before, but I assured her that most of my clients are trying something like this for the first time. What matters is bringing a gorgeous personality, and curves then let me do the rest. Then the power went[...]
  • Modesto Bridal Boudoir To Get His Motor Humming

  • When I tell people that I shoot boudoir in the Central Valley they usually have one of two reactions. Either they give me that sidelong, “tsk, tsk, tsk,” look, or they enter into a state of disbelief. “People actually do that here? I thought you could only find boudoir in the Bay Area?” Oh, an[...]
Art and Shame
  • Art and Shame

  • My first artistic nude! It’s been a long road for me in my development as an artist to get to this point. The biggest hurdle, aside from fear, was shame. Shame seems to be everywhere in our society these days. It’s this strange social construct through which the majority attempts to contro[...]