Tender Country Engagement Session

One of the great things about being married is that you have a teammate. Someone to grow with, to laugh at your stupid jokes (or in the case of my wife shake their head at), and who, in times of need, you can count on in a pinch. While many couples have this, I’m fortunate in that my wife can go even further and fill in for me at work when the need arises. Case in point, this engagement session.

Plans had been set, Domenica took the day off work, everything was ready to go… and I came down with a summer flu that reduced me to a shivering ball of pathetic. Melody, who was going to be at the session regardless since Domenica had been one of her students, stepped up and ran the show just like she used to when we were starting out as Melody and David Photography. What follows are a few of the shots from this session that I liked.

Fox Grove Hughson California Engagement Session

So many tender moments shared between these two.