UC Davis Arboretum Wedding of Ike and Megan

“May I meet this moment fully. May I meet it as a friend.”


For days I’ve been running around in my own head, trying to come up with the words to express my feelings about this wedding and the amazing couple at the center of it. Then today, I sat down for a quick, guided meditation and heard the above quote. That’s when it clicked.

Ike and Megan live what I have to sit down and practice to be. They are the kind of people who meet you as friends and who embrace each moment as though it was the only one possible. And if I were to give other couples a template on how to approach not just their wedding days but their entire lives, I would use Ike and Megan.

Their wedding, held at the UC Davis Arboretum, was centered on good times, good friends, and good memories.

Hyatt Place UC Davis Wedding

Oh, the contrast between guys and gals during the getting ready portion of the day.


So much attention went into the details on this wedding. They had a deliciously simple wedding cake, surrounded by tasty desserts that went perfectly with the communal atmosphere of the day. Hand-crafted decorations popped up everywhere, flanked by lush succulents and greenery. Even the choice of a sign-in board over a book communicated that they wanted to put the love of their friends and family on display for years to come.

And can we talk about that wedding program? Ike and Megan both have a history with newspapers. It’s where they met (and oddly enough how I met Ike ages ago back when he was a bright-eyed community college student). So rather than a standard program, they put together an entire paper about their wedding, complete with fun bios of the wedding party. This was hands down the most creative programs I’ve ever seen.

Wedding favors were s’mores. That’s right, the Putah Creek Lodge at UC Davis has a fire pit that they lit up at the end of the night so that guests could sit around and roast marshmallows, and that’s just what they did.

Creative wedding details using a campfire and newspapers

It's all about the (wedding) details.

wedding first look uc davis arboretum

This the first time I've had a groom show himself off at the first look, but I'd say that Megan took the day.

dancefloor of Putah Creek Lodge

Beware the truths that are told during toasts, as well as the dance moves that the champagne inspires.

Sneaky bride gets the groom

The woman has an air of mischief to her.

Celebration shots of UC Davis wedding

From a beautiful wedding ceremony under a tree to s'mores with friends at a campfire, a wedding at UC Davis has it all.


This wedding didn’t really end. So many weddings have a big sendoff. Sparklers, running to a car, huge cheers laced with the idea that life will inexplicably change in the days and weeks to come. It’s like there’s a line, a cutoff. This was life before marriage. Enjoy it while you can.

But as everyone gathered around the bonfire, you had the sense of settling in, of home, of family. There was this notion that Ike and Megan’s lives weren’t broken up into sections, or even transitions; they just grow together. The wedding wasn’t a point that separates past and future — it was an acknowledgment of all the things that make it so that love can grow.


So a big thank you to both Ike and Megan for helping to remind me to meet each moment fully, and to meet it as a friend.



Coordinating: The lovely Becca Foles of Blissful Events

Catering: Pipping hot pulled pork by Buckhorn Steakhouse

Venue: UC Davis Arboretum

Lodging: Hyatt Place UC Davis

Musician: Matt Rowley

Video: Beyond Pix Studios